Our Clientele

The credibility and credentials of a company are best represented by its clientele. The long and growing list of our clientele vouches clearly for our competencies and commitment to quality solutions.  To name a few of our blue=chip clientele…

M/s.  Andhra Pradesh Generation Corporation.
M/s.  Karnataka Power Generation Corporation.
M/s.  Orissa Power Generation Corporation.
M/s.  TamilNadu Electricity Board, Tamilnadu.
M/s.  Ultratech Cements, Awarpur, Maharashtra.
M/s.  Zuavari Cements, Andhra Pradesh.
M/s.  Indian Cements, Andhra Pradesh.
M/s.  Idcol Cement (ACC), Orissa.
M/s.  Andhra Pradesh Paper Mill Ltd, AP.
M/s.  J.K. Paper Ltd, Jaykpur.
M/s.  Sirpur Papers, Sirpur.
M/s.  Andhra Sugars group (sugars, chemical, etc) Andhra Pradesh.
M/s.  Steel Authority of India. (Rourkela, Jharkhand, Visakhapatnam).
M/s.  Sree Rayalseema Alkalis & Allied Chemicals Ltd, Kurnool, A.P.
M/s.  G.V.K. Industries, Andhra Pradesh.
M/s.  Reliance Energy Ltd, Andhra Pradesh.
M/s.  Rolls Royce Power Ltd, Andhra Pradesh.
M/s.  Hindustan Petro Chemicals Ltd, AP.
M/s.  Naval Dock Yard, Andhra Pradesh.
M/s.  Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd, AP.
M/s.  Godavari Fertilizers & Chemical Ltd, AP.

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