The Corporate Office of R K Winding is located in the heart of Kakinada City with facilities for repairs and rewinding of A.C Motors, D.C. Motors, Generators, Power Transformers & Synchronous machines. The workshop is situated at Pithapuram road measuring 25280 Sq Ft. The workshop is equipped with coil making machines, hydraulic press, lathe machines, dynamic balancing machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, welding sets and heating chambers of 100 sq. feet & 324 sq. feet area.

A state-of-the-art Testing Lab is an integral part of the facility that has:

  High Voltage injection Test Kits (AC and DC)
  Coil forming machine
  Coil molding Press
  Tan delta testing equipment
  Surge comparison Test
  650Tons hydraulic press
  Computerized Dynamic balancing machine with eight Ton capacity
  Motorized Megger
  Tera Ohm Meter
  L.T. & H.T. Meggers
  Tong Testers
  Multi meters
  Hotspot testing equipment
  Transformer Oil filtrations equipment
  AC and DC variable Current Source
  An infrastructure for 110MW rating Generators & 250 MVA Power Transformer (220/132/11 KV) electrical machines
  Robal bars equipment
  20 feet Lathe machine with associated equipments
  Coil spreading machine
  Motor checker 
  Test panel 
  Rotor rotating machine upto 50 Ton capacity


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