About Us

R K Windings owes its vision, visage and success to the technocrat-entrepreneur Sri P Kanaka Raju. Drawing on his technical expertise and investing his two-decades of rich experience at JNT University, he founded M/.s Ramakrishna Electrical Winding Works (RKEWW) in 1950’s at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. In the course of nearly six decades, the company has come a long way to gain a pride of place in the domain of its expertise. Currently, under the stewardship of a worthy scion Sri P V V Durgaprasad, the company is making rapid strides. Shoring up its competencies, R K Windings is making a steady progress servicing the needs of renowned organizations – like M/s. BHEL, M/s. SIEMENS LTD, M/s. WEG-Brazil, M/s. ELGi, M/s.ALSTOM M/s. Baldor

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